Diamond pen
"The 50 years of the UAE"

To those, who write History...

  • One of a kind, unique piece
  • Finest Italian craftsmanship - handmade
  • Exceptional gift

With admiration of
achievements of the UAE

UAE celebrates its 50th anniversary – over the years, the country has developed from a desert territory into an unprecedented nation, a country with a colossal future that is becoming one of the world’s largest financial capitals. No other country in the world can boast of such rapid development - the creation of the strongest economy literally from scratch is the merit of the entire nation. Work and self-awareness of the people is respected and admired all over the world.

The tallest hotel in the world — Gevora Hotel Dubai.
Height is 356 meters

The tallest building in the world — Burj Khalifa.
Height is 829.8 meters

World-class project - artificial islands-
The Palm Islands

The superior diamond pen “The 50 years of the UAE”

Inspired by the history and achievements of the UAE, we have created an anniversary pen featuring the image of the UAE flag arranged in precious stones. This extraordinary pen is for people, whose signature defines the future.

5 significant facts about ANCORA

For over 100 years ANCORA proudly has been producing exceptional hand-crafted pens used by some of the world's most influential people. ANCORA is the symbol of success.

ANCORA pens are known for their high quality craftsmanship and Limited Edition Series pens.

ANCORA produces pens using rare and exquisite materials such as marble, lava stones, teakwood, hand painted lacquered miniatures, enamel and even wood segments from the Titanic ship.

Yearly production of ANCORA writing instruments is limited. Each pen is numbered and our Limited Series are from 5 up to 88 pieces only.

The combination of visionary characteristics, new technologies and diligent work are the basic principles of our success at ANCORA PEN COMPANY. ANCORA pens are a timeless accessory produced to the highest standards of quality and creative expression.

Exclusive Italian production

For those, who write History

Ancora has been creating luxury writing instruments since 1919. Our production is completely concentrated in Italy using Italian equipment and the labour of Italian craftsmen. For over a hundred years we have been faithful to our traditions and gold quality standards. A high level of manual labour is a guarantee of uniqueness. We have established ourselves as a manufacturer of writing instruments for those, who decide the fate of the world.

For most monumental documents

The Ancora brand does not need advertising – the level of customers speaks for us. Among the owners of our products are heads of states, the world’s largest businessmen and the most influential and powerful people of the planet. If you need a pen for a special occasion – this is your choice.

Premium-class materials

We have created a pen entirely from precious materials. Every detail has been taken into the utmost consideration.

A gift for
a powerful leader

What to give to a person who has everything? The diamond pen “The 50 years of the United Arab Emirates” is the gift that will undeniably stand out among others. This is a status gift that shows respect for the gifted and the wealth of the giver. This pen will certainly be unparalleled by other gifts and is beyond comparison. Valuables like this are always the objects of the hunt for premium product admirers. Your signature deserves it! Feel free to contact us to reserve this remarkable pen for you.

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Exclusive storage

Unique storage is provided for a unique item.
The box size – 13,80 х 13,80 х 15,75 inches ( L х W х H )

Inside the box is a crystal globe - a symbol of global paramount affairs that the owner of the pen is working on. You can store the pen in the globe and box, or just in the globe on top of your desk. Such a platform itself is an expensive and worthy decoration of the office. Together with a diamond pen it will become a real symbol of power.


  • Pen
  • Crystal globe
  • Certificate
  • Wooden storage box
  • 3 bottles of ink in the colours of the UAE flag (black, red, green)

We have been making exclusive goods since 1919

Our company is the master of exclusiveness. Look at our online boutique to see all the range of Ancora pens.

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